A lot of people might think that two is bigger than one. They might think that having two of anything would be better than having one of anything.

But think again.


Mergers, acquisitions, and re-organizations are big part of the business landscape. “Bigger is better”, the thinking goes. And certainly, the numbers 1+1 do add up to 2. But this formula doesn’t work everywhere.

Those numbers aren’t what customers are buying. And those numbers don’t deliver quality and value. This is why so many organizations are confused when they do the math. “How come our 1+1 plan didn’t add up to more profit?” the moan.

The answer is easy. You wouldn’t throw your son or daughter into a marriage with someone across town whom they (and in best cases, you) had never met and expect the marriage to work. Why would it be any different in business?


Fortunately, we’ve got leaders whom we can look to as role models. David is the leader of a leading medical nutrition company, and through a merger they’re involved in they’re changing the math. “We’ve got some ‘must win battles’ – our priorities in 2008,” David said. And what’s the most important battle? “Creating an engagement culture where we better realize the power of one,” he answered.

David and his leadership team are not leading numbers, they’re leading people. (Some companies make it harder than it has to be.)

Where are you ready to change the math? Where will you lead so 1+1=ONE!

What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”?  You decide.

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