You are invisible when you whine about the status quo.

Because so many people condemn others, criticize the system, and scorn the way things are, it is simple to remain anonymous. It is worth  remembering, however: Just because you can’t hear yourself in a choir does not mean your voice doesn’t sound bad.

Separating yourself from the crowd of critics and acting to create positive change means you will be seen. Your words may be laughed at. Your ideas will be judged by the chorus of naysayers.

Choose to be seen.

For example, odds are you work in an organization where the masses complain about unproductive meetings – yet little changes. If this is the case, the next time you are in a meeting that is notoriously wasteful, say something like: “I appreciate how hard everyone is working. And, given the talent assembled, I believe we can drive even greater value from this meeting.”

Then ask: “If you share this perspective, what are one or two things we could do more of, different or better?”

Everyone says they want change; few have the courage to activate the best in the rest of us.

If you choose to remain invisible no one will notice – except for one person. You will have one critic who knows you could have done better.

Choose to be seen.

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