Businessmen running to finish line


It’s not easy. If you’re determined to be the best expression of yourself possible, to do your best ever, then you know the moment you master any particular mindset or behavior…you are brought to your next opportunity for growth.


There’s no finish line.


I’m reminded by the inspired leaders we work with – Accelerators – who are determined to model to the world that this doesn’t need to be daunting or exhausting. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.


This piece from Degrees of Strength captures it:


“Like so many Accelerators, Rachel doesn’t approach her career as if it has a destination. It’s not about getting to a certain rank of income; it’s not about obtaining a certificate or level of distinction. Instead, Rachel is here to enrich the world. She’s here to discover her own greatness by ensuring those around her deliver theirs. Her standing in the company will be a result of how effectively she masters this.


When a person understands the significance of this choice in the two approaches, transformation happens. Suddenly, there is no lack. In that moment we open our leadership, our lives, our teams, our families, and our world to new possibilities. Suddenly, we can deliver anything.


This creates an experience Accelerators crave and relentlessly pursue in every moment: the richness found in the experience of excellence. This is generated by the Degrees of Strength technique: Rather than waiting to have the experience of success – Accelerators choose to focus on the degrees to which they are already successful. Because they go in the direction of their focus, this builds their capability to succeed sooner and more often.


Ask your team (and ask your family), ‘Given the challenges we face, what technique to resolving these issues will give us the richer experience and accelerate us to resolution?’ Then, enjoy what is delivered next.”


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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