Sitting at home receiving scores of the game is entertaining. And for more excitement, you can add color commentary and get opinions galore. These are the joys of being a spectator: You can receive all this from the comfort of your own couch.

Information shared on the company intranet, your leader’s next town hall, or the announcement used tAnother Company Announcement? Make Sure Your Team Gets In The Gameo start the next meeting usually has the same effect. It’s just information, a way for employees to keep score, or understand the opinions of those in charge. But to be sure: hearts remain on the couch.

If a company, however, wants to see action or changes as a result of the information shared, then hearts and minds must be mobilized.

The next time you are subjected to information rolled-out from the top of the organization, make sure your team doesn’t get rolled over by being mere spectators. Instead, make sure your team participates by asking these five questions:

1) “What did you think of the information that was shared?” This neutral question equips you with insights into whether your teammates see themselves as spectators or participants.

2) “What information would you add to make what we heard/learned more valuable?” This provides another opportunity for anyone who might be frustrated to contribute.

3) “What’s the clear message to this team of what’s important? And why is that important?” Allowing the team to synthesize the information they received is critical.

4) “Does the information we gained reinforce our plan – or require that we evolve our actions moving forward? And if so, how?” Now the team is stepping into the game.

5) “How will we know when we are fully leveraging the information we’ve received?” Your team is in the game; now make sure you win it for the organization.

Another company announcement? Make sure your team gets in the game.



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