You’re going somewhere. As an achiever you know what you want to accomplish. Often, the question is – how? How will you get where you want to go?

If you had to choose only one skill to get you from here (today) to there (tomorrow), what would that skill be?

The “most important skill to master” doesn’t require additional time, nor will it cost you a penny.

The most important skill to master is the ability to utilize every moment – every interaction, effort and thought – as a priceless resource for improvement. Many companies understand “continuous improvement” as it relates to the quality of their products; you can help your team differentiate itself by evolving this mindset to life and leadership.

It’s a fact: Many people are moving through the day with the objective of…getting to the end of the day. Operating from the illusion that “they need to get away” to rest or improve, they forfeit the daily experiences that would deliver them to higher ground. Additionally, you can nearly guarantee your competition “goes through the paces of business” throwing away millions of interactions between their employees…only to wait until the holiday season to build teamwork.

Every moment you’ve lived and led has been your personal training ground for…now. The best time to improve as a person, leader, parent, and spouse is now.

How will you seize the moments of today to prepare you for tomorrow? Periodically, ask yourselves questions like:

  1. Emotionally, am I/we responding to this event in a way that will allow us to move forward faster and more effectively?
  2. What greater strengths and disciplines am I discovering about myself/our team that will serve me/us moving forward?
  3. What will I/we do even better next time to ensure we develop people, relationships and results?

You’ve made it to today. How will you make it count for something?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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