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Craig W. Ross

Craig is CEO of Verus Global, a four-time book author, executive coach, facilitator and a sought-after speaker.

“For any company to DO more, their employees must be equipped to BE more.”

Get ready to get real—quickly. That’s all Craig wants to do. He’s less interested in talking about the what that must be done. Instead, his passion centers on the how we can deliver what we already know must be achieved—and in ways that make people, their families and our world better.

Craig’s singular orientation centers on strengthening leaders by developing better people who connect brilliantly with one another. It’s Craig’s belief that the vast majority of organizations already possess the human greatness necessary to succeed. What’s necessary is to activate and connect this humanity, so your team is functioning as one.




You Might Get Lucky

Your team may be aligned intellectually to your business imperative. But without alignment to a human imperative your chances of success are as good as winning the lottery.

Your Severest Test

How will you become more of who you truly are as you move through the year ahead?

Build or Burn this Year?

“Differentiating the urgent from the important worked when environments were stable. The volatility today requires addressing what is urgent while also accomplishing what is important.”

Will 2023 Eat You Alive?

The year ahead holds many treasures. These riches, however, are reserved for those who use their workday as a platform for learning, improving, and serving.

Did You Find What You Were Looking For?

Labels last. How you describe 2022 will stick forever. And say a lot about your experience in 2023.

“Leadership matters, but only teams deliver.”

Craig W. Ross

“Craig delivered the best keynote we’ve ever had because every word and story was tailored for and relevant to our high performing work.” 

– Colby Barrett, President and CEO, GeoStabilization International

“Changing behaviors is not an intellectual exercise, it’s the business of the heart.”

Craig W. Ross

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Few things turn Craig off more than listening to well-intentioned people talk about what they think is important while ignoring what really matters to people in the room. So, you won’t see Craig do this to others. Therefore, you can expect Craig to ask a lot of questions before he steps in front of your team; he works tirelessly in advance, because he’s seeking excellence in utilizing the opportunity presented to him to make a difference for you and in the world.

As mentioned in his biography, Craig’s specialty centers on equipping teams to do the how necessary to deliver their what. Long ago, Craig threw away the menu of topics clients could choose from, because he found himself tailoring the content to just about any leadership, team, culture or talent topic clients were bringing to him.

While your title will be crafted to meet your needs, to give you some ideas, here’s a list of some keynote titles Craig has delivered, all of which are best delivered in 60-90 minutes:

Activating the Change Necessary for Success
How to create an ownership mentality by quickly enabling people to bring their best selves to change initiatives. The key is not motivating those you lead; it’s activating the brilliance they already possess that makes the difference.
Leading Connected and Inspired Teams
Trust, collaboration and communication matter. What’s even more important is how to use daily interactions to create these dynamics quickly and consistently.
Innovation: Delivering What Matters Most
Innovating requires team members to face something that most people avoid: fear of failure. Here’s how to make innovation safe and a part of how you do business.
Leading So Vision Becomes a Reality
Many say: My team can’t focus! In fact, this isn’t true; the human mind is doing exactly being asked to do: focus exceptionally well. The key is knowing how to enable your team to sustain a focus on what matters most (without doing mindfulness exercises).
One Team, One Focus, One Purpose
Working together as a connected, inspired enterprise is something most every professional wants. Here’s how to move your mantra from a catchy slogan to something that’s put into practice in every interaction among team members.
Servant Leadership: Focusing Purpose and Passion Forward
It isn’t your purpose and passion that differentiates your team. What elevates your performance is the ability to focus the purpose and passion of teammates forward. And realizing your greatest opportunity lies within your very next meeting.

“Craig delivered the experience we asked for. As a result, every member of our global team has mobilized hearts and activated minds. We’re now ready to elevate our culture of innovation!”

– Global Head of R&D, Fortune 500 Company


“Craig is a transformational leader of the highest quality. While many consultants and trainers today talk about organizational change management, Craig actually makes it happen. He is especially adept at identifying barriers in an organization and developing a strategy to effectively tear down those barriers and replace it with a cooperative teamwork environment.”

– Former HR Executive

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