Humans are complex.

For instance, each of us has a need to be autonomous while at the same time we all crave knowing we belong to a group or community.

What is more: The identity of our chosen group – shaped by shared values, beliefs and habits – significantly determines how we act as individuals. Under pressure, humans regularly prove they are willing to be factually wrong if it means being socially accepted.

What is stunning: Despite knowing that the identity of the team profoundly influences the thinking and actions of the employee, many leaders leave the character (identity) of their team to chance.

Consider this action: With your team reflect on the values, beliefs and habits from which the team operates. Which are contributing to the results you are pursuing? Which need to be left behind?

Unlike the thumb print of a human that cannot be altered, your team’s identity can be architected. Those who intentionally and consistently shape what makes their team unique create a future of their choosing.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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