The decisions that differentiate successful cross-functional teams from those who languish in mediocrity don’t occur while the group is staring at slides on a screen. The most important decisions occur when:

  • Teammates are not in the same meeting
  • It appears a milestone or agreement will be missed
  • Resources become scarce overnight
  • Teammates must choose between competing strategies
  • Your most talented teammate is also your worst model of organizational values
  • Your home is becoming a pit-stop between the laps your racing

In these moments, something becomes very clear: Your team is aligned to a north star – or they aren’t. When pressed, choosing what to say and do is much easier when we know where we’re going and have confidence those we rely on are going with us.

Right now, is your team deciding to succeed – or not?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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