Does your team act free? Free to achieve and deliver upon its potential?


We just celebrated ‘Independence Day’ in the US. It’s a matter of pride for every country around the entire globe: celebrating the break from bondage, the split from repressive rule. The day of independence marks the moment a group of citizens stood up and said, “We are responsible. We are capable. We will determine our fate.”


That’s a powerful mindset. How will you take your team there this week?


There is a moment in every team’s life-cycle where they have an important decision to make: Will we overcome the obstacles placed before us – and succeed? Or will we succumb to the rationalization that the circumstances we find ourselves in are bigger than we?


There’s an organization with headquarters in Los Angeles that made an important decision recently. They chose a course of responsibility – and created their own ‘independence day.’ One of their leaders said: “…we took back our culture and declared our own independence from all of the obstacles that kept us from being great.”


Mark your team’s independence this week. Ask them, “What are the top obstacles that keep us from being great?” (And do something with the answers they provide.) And then ask an even greater question: “What are the most important ways we can take greater responsibility – and express our inherent greatness?”


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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