• If the team isn’t aligned on a clear picture of success, then the decisions teammates make will definitely maybe lead to success.
  • If the customer isn’t core to your design of the future, then your plan will definitely maybe succeed.
  • If teammates have friendships that making peer-to-peer accountability difficult, definitely maybe you’ll be able to execute with excellence.
  • If the team is good at identifying problems – but lacks the right data to solve them – then you definitely maybe will make the right strategic decisions.
  • If you believe you don’t have time to develop new capabilities, then you definitely maybe will meet the business demands of the future.
  • If you think exercising twice a month is enough, then you definitely maybe will be around to play with your grandchildren after you’re done working so hard.

The leader who tolerates anything less than excellence delivers the same results as the leader who doesn’t aspire to see their team achieve greatness.

Will you definitely maybe succeed?

Examine your tolerance.

P.S. You can’t lead a digital transformation with definitely maybe leadership. That’s why Sue Jean Lin, CIO at Alcon, is the perfect guest on our next Collaborative Leader’s Huddle. On April 27, at 10 a.m. EST, join us for an unscripted conversation as we answer: How do you enable a digital transformation? Create certainty and register here.

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