Which way will your believe steer you?

Before you do anything, it’s wise to decide what you believe. Problems in delivery and accountability often stem from choices in our beliefs that are not consistent with where we want to go.


Companies covet an engaged work force, but believe payroll is an expense. The big boss wants their employees to speak up, however the boss has the belief that the person at the top of the org chart is the smartest in the room.


The parent who sees their child only “as my child, so do as I say,” will have more sleepless nights than the parent who believes their son or daughter is also their own person.


Where are we experiencing difficulty? I remind myself to challenge what I believe. (And why choose to believe anything that limits the greater potential of who we are?)


The actions of a leader are always more effective when they have this conviction: I believe in you.


What do you believe?



Share what you believe in the space below.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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