NASCAR (auto racing) requires the use of a restrictor plate. This regulates the flow of fuel and oxygen to the engine — which ensures the engine only performs to a certain degree.

Do you know anyone who is underperforming? Research shows this is the case in the majority of workplaces. The reason why might surprise you.

Here’s the elephant in the office: Companies want to hire the talented, self-starter, who makes good decisions and is reliable. Then, once they land their coveted employee, they train them to underperform! They do this by telling employees ‘here’s how we do it here so you have to change.” Additionally, they focus on what the employees do poorly.

Too many companies hire great people and then make them average. These organizations put restrictor plates on their employees. Then the bosses scratch their heads, baffled that they can’t get their team around the track faster.


The average boss thinks the ‘problem’ lies in the poorly performing employees. The elephant-stomping leader knows the single greatest contributor to a person’s performance is the culture within which he or she operates.

Most people know what creates a strong culture — but few people build it. Take this five-point engine check to see if you are giving maximum fuel and oxygen to your engines’so your team can fly.

  1. Are you consistently developing stronger relationships with others?
  2. Do members of your team feel connected to a sense of purpose while they work?
  3. Is there full, free, two-way information flow on your team?
  4. Is everyone receiving constructive feedback from you?
  5. Are others’ ideas regularly harvested and used?

Go fast. Today, where will you remove restrictor plates?

Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?

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