Do you know teams with three speeds: slow, super slow, and sputtering? Predicaments lead to dilemmas as individuals slog through the bog of business. Such teams have quagmire leaders.


By shifting a paradigm they can move forward faster.





Poor performing teams defend their need to go slow with a shield of rationalization. When presented with evidence that a strategy can help them deliver greater performance, quagmire leaders focus on all the reasons why new ideas won’t work. This means they continue the replication of their current poor practices.


Proof: in company “A” we help the sales team exceed their objectives. But there is a leader somewhere that says, “That approach will never work in finance.” Yet, we’re helping the finance team at company “B” achieve step-level changes. And (you guessed it) a leader there says, “This won’t work in sales.” Ultimately, we work with entire organizations that experience successes in ALL areas, thus disproving the cynics.


Quagmire leaders fight for their limitations.





Consider what would happen if teams shifted from a “Here’s why it won’t work” mentality, to a “These are the reasons it would work”. Skeptics respond that such an approach leads to poor decisions. Which is true… IF they don’t ask this follow up question: “Now, what’s our best option?”


Quagmire leaders eradicate opportunities for their teams with a “here’s why it won’t work” focus. Teams that move forward faster develop as many opportunities as possible with a “how could that work here?” approach, and then they execute the best option.


Do you plan on going somewhere today? What approach will you use?


What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”?  You decide.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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