The simple steps teams can take to mobilize hearts and minds and make an epic impact.

Craig W. Ross, Angela V. Paccione, Victoria L. Roberts

Amid constant swirl, uncertainty and complexity is your team capable of doing big things?

Too often people are pulled together, labeled a “team,” given a directive and expected to deliver results quickly. Soon, however, the team suffers from DSD: distracted, hopelessly stressed and disconnected. Predictably, the team flatlines and the energy needed to succeed is lost.

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Based upon the research of what successful teams do to overcome severe odds, Do Big Things delivers leaders an intuitive, seven-step process on how to equip your team to quickly operate in a manner where they can deliver an immediate and meaningful impact. Soon, the hand, head and heart of each team member are activated and aligned, enabling everyone to accelerate toward a common goal.

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I love this book. I love it because it’s refreshingly original and unique. I love it because it’s delightfully well-written. I love it because it’s full of captivating tales that bring to life the struggles and triumphs of high-performing teams. I love it because the practices and principles are based on years of up-close-and-personal experiences and empirical evidence. And I love Do Big Things most of all because Craig Ross, Angie Paccione, and Victoria Roberts remind us that successful teams are not about star players or outsized talents, but about relationships where people exhibit caring, humanity, and heart. They show us how it’s the human imperative that builds and sustains excellence. If you want your team to do big things, it’s imperative that you read and apply Do Big Things.”

Jim Kouzes

Coauthor of THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

Do Big Things is a clarion call to think big and accomplish feats that matter. This book can serve as your guide to changing your attitudes and actions to bring you farther down the road to success.”

—Daniel Pink, author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN 

Do Big Things includes an approach that supported our team in navigating market conditions, being agile, and shifting our strategy–and doing so in a way that improved the lives of our team and community. It’s equipped us to live, lead, and care while successfully having the greatest impact on our culture, community and business.”

—Patrick Criteser, President & CEO, Tillamook

“This book captures the magic of extraordinary teams and gives you a roadmap to navigate and accomplish your toughest challenges. I’ve seen the tools equip good teams to become great teams—by shifting how teams move from an individual focus to a collective force to achieve amazing results.” —Lisa Bacus, EVP Global Chief Marketing Officer, Cigna

“We all know that teamwork is important work . . . but it’s also hard work! Craig, Angie, and Victoria have somehow cracked the code with the Do Big Things framework. Not only do they challenge us to rethink our beliefs about what makes a successful team, but they have also given us a powerful set of easy to use practices that any organization can use, if they are courageous enough.” —Andrew Collier, Head of Leadership Development, Nestlé

“People don’t mind being challenged to do better if they know the request is coming from a caring heart. Do Big Things has a clear message: People in high performing teams need to care for one another. We can do big things together when we understand that relationships are just as important as results.” —Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Collaboration Begins with You

“Do Big Things is a guide for any team. Grounded in research focused on the human element, Do Big Things combines a trusted process with proven tools to serve as a catalyst that inspires teams to reach amazing heights.” —Mike Bloomfield, Former NASA Astronaut, Shuttle Commander




Craig W. Ross

Angie V. Paccione

Victoria L. Roberts


The Do Big Things Framework

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The 7 Steps of the Do Big Things Framework Summarized

A Brief Summary of the Seven Steps of the Do Big Things Framework from the book, Do Big Things: The Simple Steps Teams Can Take to Mobilize Hearts and Minds and Make an Epic Impact.

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The Leader Action Guide

Make sure your team puts the principles into action. Here are the proven steps to simply and efficiently integrate and operationalize the methods and practices identified in Do Big Things.

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