Photo Credit: TerryJohnston via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: TerryJohnston via Compfight cc


The old paradigm stains workplaces like the smell of beer that won’t leave an abused college apartment. Without a cleaning crew, business suffers.


A leader who thinks like you do, who knows that culture eats strategy for breakfast, told me something that reminds us our mission is not complete. He was on a conference call with “one of the most difficult to work for-leaders in the organization.” Things were actually improving between this leader’s team and others in the organization. At the end of the call, the leader revealed her view of leadership: “I’m feeling sappy today,” she said. “So I’ll tell you that I feel like we’re turning the corner on the trust between our teams.”


Feeling sappy?


What’s sappy about trust? What’s sappy about being purposeful in developing the leadership and culture necessary for success?


The outdated stench that leadership and culture development be defined as “fluffy” or “sappy” still permeates. What does this mean for those of us who know that how we work together is a primary variable for high performance? We still have work to do. Don’t apologize for your passion and determination for finishing the job.


Be seen today. Be heard today.

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