Easy gratitude: Friends, family, a dog to greet us when we get home, our health, a career, a warm home, a good boss, an upgrade to business class, colleagues who think like we do, a turkey meal (followed by warm pumpkin pie with whipped cream), self-cleaning ovens, and a holiday bonus.

Not-so-easy gratitude: Neighbors who say unkind things about us, siblings who seem to be from different planets, a sore back or bum knee, that co-worker who’s so annoying you’ve pretended you’ve lost cell service so couldn’t call into the meeting, politicians who lie (and some of those who don’t), watching others waste what you desire, disrespect, and people who tell you how to live your life.

Easy gratitude is, well, easy: It’s the aspects of our life that fit our reality and make us feel good. Not-so-easy gratitude is difficult: It’s the people and conditions in our life that challenge us and require us to go beyond where we may typically go with our thoughts and actions.

The things on our not-so-easy gratitude list are those aspects that provide us with the opportunity to become who we know we can be.

Which means: Are there people and things on your not-so-easy gratitude list for which you should be grateful?

It’s worth expanding the easy gratitude list.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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