Photo Credit: monkeyc.net via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: monkeyc.net via Compfight cc


If I work for you, you’d better know my story.


Thanks for the fitness center and the Holiday party, but until you understand what inspires me, you’ll have to continue to write your “gotchya” policies. Sure, I’ll work hard for the bonus, but until you discover that there’s something in addition I want from this job, you’ll never get my best.


What matters to you? And why? The answers to these two questions provide a window into what causes actions to happen.


The story of the individual, the story of each person on the payroll, is intricately woven with the (success?) story of the organization they work for. Companies and bosses who disregard this connection, this element of humanity present in their organizations, are destined to underperform.


It’s not difficult to know which supervisors know this, because they know you. (Who do you know?)


Before the next meeting, before we look at another 50-slide deck, try this: “Excuse me, before we start, I wanted to ask you…”


Business – excellence in business – means we’ve got to be personal, we’ve got to know stories. To pretend there isn’t a life behind those delivering the numbers is to pretend we can lead.




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