It’s getting colder outside. There’s a snap in the air. The colors, the light, there’s a brightness and clarity, which wasn’t present during the sweaty days of summer.

That’s what it’s like outdoors. What’s it like behind the walls of your organization?


What’s the temperature like at your work? Is it cool or are things still moving as slow as an August afternoon in Georgia? Are people sweating because decisions lag and demands are intense? Are tempers flaring like the sun? And are the relationships you have with others as enjoyable as stepping on gum laying on hot asphalt?

Those who don’t build their culture allow their culture to destroy them. You know this has happened when your day of business has become blurred, and lethargy abounds.


One company, with HQ in Minneapolis, is investing in their culture. They’re focusing on how they function- individually and collectively. The result? “There’s a snap in the air,” says one individual.

Because these people are working together, they are making decisions faster. They communicate better. This means there’s greater focus, which allows them to move faster.

Ask your team these questions to help create a stronger culture:

  1. When interacting with one another, how can we function more pro-actively?
  2. What’s the difference between trying to “fix” other people vs. “building” them?
  3. When handling issues, what can we do to shift our focus from problems to solutions?

Are you conducting business in a perpetual “heat of the moment”? Or is there a”snap in the air” where you work, too?

What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”?  You decide.

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