From where this Post is written, a plume of smoke from another Colorado fire is visible. These are heart-breaking times: Hundreds of homes are gone, lives are lost or forever changed…and sadly, the “end” seems months away.


We have a choice in our response.


Heroes are being recognized. Miracles are being claimed (lives of people and animals saved). Compassion is exhibited. And the identification of what we’re already learning is being spoken.


Fires happen. Crisis and disasters occur. In business, if we are to do tomorrow what we’re not doing today (if we’re going to succeed), “fires” or unplanned calamities are natural. Yet, what’s the difference between a team that gets sucked into perpetual “fire-fighting” mode – and those teams who use each crisis to get stronger?


To prepare for tomorrow, it’s worth asking the team today:

1)      In what ways are we functioning now that strengthens us for unforeseen challenges?

2)      Considering the “fire” we’re currently facing…what do we do to ensure we’re stronger because of it?

3)      Despite the circumstances, why is it important for us to still realize and activate our potential?

4)      Given what we’re going through as a business, what does it look like for us to heal as a team moving forward?


This writing, with its metaphor, is respectfully submitted. Our hearts are with those around the world whose lives are being changed. We’re with you.


Share your answers to the questions above — and comments — below so other leaders can be inspired by your thoughts.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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