Focus is everything, because it

  • determines where your energy goes,
  • the beliefs you’ll create,
  • the judgements you’ll make,
  • and the actions you’ll take.

Because successful teams know this, they take great care to monitor and be purposeful in their collective attention. Here are proven focus points that improve productivity (a short list).

  1. Your team's focus is everything.If there is a focus on the reasons why a new idea won’t work, there cannot be a concurrent focus on how to make that idea work.
  2. Thinking that is being used to defend oneself from another person can’t simultaneously be used to develop a greater relationship with that person.
  3. When an attitude of self-promotion exists, energy necessary to elevate the entire team won’t be present.
  4. If fingers are pointed in blaming others or circumstances, steps of self-accountability cannot occur at the same time.
  5. Every minute spent focusing on a problem is a minute that cannot be spent exploring solutions.

Where is your team focused? And where does the business need your team to focus? Choose wisely.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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