It’s rare for teammates to:

  • effectively interpret the data,
  • problem solve efficiently,
  • then mobilize forward together.

Why are these steps so difficult? Because of four words: good, bad, right and wrong.

The four words that get teams in trouble often trigger the emotions that build barriers to clearer thinking – and splinter one reality into many as everyone creates their own truths.

For instance, something happens – a client is lost – and the unaware team rushes into judgement: “This is bad! That’s wrong!” Then, finger pointing and hiding and fear follows as people are left to determine what is certain and what isn’t.

Or, a different event occurs – a client is gained – and judgement ensues again: “It’s good! That’s right!” Then, egos bloom and complacency creeps in and blind optimism blocks people from seeing the same causes for the success.

The aware team, however, sees any event for what it is: data. Teams who sustain success see everything that is occurring as simply providing the information they need to get smarter, stronger and more effective in executing their strategy. Because an event isn’t good or bad – it just is – team members naturally unify. There’s no one to attack. Nothing to hide from.

Teams that can suspend judgement, who can resist the temptation of seeing things as good, bad, right or wrong, avoid highs and lows and instead bring a sustained energy to everything they do. This enables them to better succeed.

Worth remembering: Emotions are what make us human. Controlling our emotions is what enables us to lead.


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Activate Your Greatness.

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