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The words sounded scary, but the way the Director said it, you could feel the current of confidence: “There is no more cushion. There are no more extra resources, no luxury of additional time we can use to get this project right. It’s always now or never.”


Many succumb to the pressure.


The good news: This Director and her team are different (and so are their results) because they understand they have access to an infinite resource called momentum. It’s like going to the gas station and getting free fuel for life. Here’s how.


Momentum is a matter of focus. And, not just any focus: high-performing teams are focused forward. They embrace the challenges they’ve been given and choose to see possibilities. Sure, they may get physically tired but they are consistently inspired. (They’ve gone beyond engagement.)


How does this Director and other leaders like her do it? Instead of preaching and pleading, they operate from a belief that those around them already want to be great. So they tap into that desire – that fuel – by asking questions.


Here’s a popular piece from our recently published Verus QuickRead, A Change for the Better, that highlights such questions:


Five go-to questions you can use in any situation, especially with new teams, where you are seeking to develop increased and sustained momentum:


1. What’s working in this area?

2. How have you created these successes?

3. What objectives do we have now?

4. Why is achieving those objectives important?

5. What’s your plan to achieve your objectives?


What important momentum does your team have? Start here: What evidence do you have that you can be successful?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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