An extended holiday would be nice. And there’s no doubt that a day without meetings would make a difference. And while we’re at it, let’s throw in a raise, a boss who only showers us with praise, and colleagues who marvel at our intelligence.

(Good luck with all that.)

If we can’t have those things, what can we do to address the burnout we’re feeling?

Your list of actions should include eliminating those every-day activities that waste the precious emotional energy you possess:

  • Instead of expecting people to be different than they are – accept them for who they are. (And remember: If you think they’re a jerk then they don’t pay the price, you do.)
  • Instead of being attached to being someone you’re not – accept who you are. (And remember that who you authentically are is good enough.)
  • Instead of waiting for things to be different before you act different – accept that now is the only time.

It remains the truth: Getting off the burnout rollercoaster is a function of choosing a different focus. Accepting people and circumstances as they are doesn’t mean we condone or agree with their actions. It simply frees us from being a victim of a focus that saps our precious energy.

And returns us to being responsible for the experience we want to have.

On June 16, from 11 to 1 p.m. ET, I’ll be hosting our Global Activation Session, where we explore in-depth ways to get off the burnout rollercoaster. It’s free. You’re worth it. Register here.



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