In the game of hockey, the penalty box is used to confine a player who commits an offense, with the length of time depending on the severity of the infraction.


Some companies have their own version of the penalty box. And there are a lot of players sitting in it.


“We want our employees going for it, taking smart risks, being aggressive,” said a recent senior leader visiting our office. “And hey, if he or she commits a foul while attempting to make a play, we’ll live with it. They don’t have to live in the penalty box. We want them back in the play as soon as possible.”


If you’re going to win, you’ve got to have as many players in the game as possible. Do you know anyone around you who made a mistake a while ago…and is still sitting in the penalty box? (Who really pays the penalty when grudges become practiced policy?)


We’re not proposing a game without consequences. This is about eliminating the unnecessary prolonging of self-inflicted short-handedness.



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How will you support smart, aggressive risks and get your teammates out of the penalty box this week? Your comments are valuable to our entire community, share the below so other leaders can benefit from your good thoughts.


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