We just moved into a new neighborhood. I’m an introvert, like my privacy, and consider my home my refuge or shelter away from the world.

If I rely on the process I’ll meet my new neighbors at community-designed events, like a summer party. The system also provides a phone number, 911, which I can call to summon the police to my home should the security of my family be at risk.

So, I don’t technically need my neighbors.

But I want more than the process or system provides. I desire neighbors:

  • who will let me know if I’ve forgotten to close my car port;
  • who will care for the safety of children who play ball in the street;
  • who can watch our home while we’re away – and which I’d gladly do for them in return;
  • with whom I can occasionally share a laugh with over the fence.

This means I need to go beyond the system. I need to proactively connect with my neighbors.

The processes and systems in your organization provide you with business basics. But the experience you want or the unique value you wish to create for your customers? You can’t project manage that. For culture, you have to go beyond the process.

You must personally and proactively connect with others.

P.S. We’re going beyond the system. With Verus Global’s continued growth we are on-boarding more facilitators. They’re already the best in our space – and to ensure they have elite experiences using our methodology, we have a gift for you…that you can give to others.

If you know of a non-profit organization that would benefit from being trained in Verus Global’s methodology, but due to financial constraints wouldn’t otherwise be able to invest in this work, we’d like to serve them for a nominal fee on your behalf. If you know a decision maker at a non-profit who wants to do big things, please contact Krysti.derby@verusglobal.com.

Let’s do big things for people who do big things for all of us.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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