team goals‘Tis the season: There are teams completing 2015 having achieved their targets – yet, some feel like failures. They won on the spread sheet, but not in their hearts and minds:
• Maybe they had to sell the organization’s soul cross the finish line.
• Or possibly the team gave a herculean effort to lift numbers, but the feedback received was “why didn’t you do more?”
• Or perhaps management has focused only on shaping the mountain of 2016 (it looks like Everest), that the team wearily creeps through the final days with one goal: conserve energy for the scramble ahead.
So Holiday parties are thrown to momentarily mask the exhaustion, fear and pain of the message: “You’re not good enough.”
We operate in a system of “more.” Which, if not careful, can mean: Whatever is achieved is never good enough. This provides the best-ever leader the opportunity to differentiate him or herself.
What question will you ask today so that your team believes: We are good enough to win?
How 2015 ends is the greatest predictor of how 2016 begins.


Image courtesy of sattva at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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