For many, the end of the calendar year is a favorite time of year. Words like peace, joy, renewal and gratitude abound. And for many there’s a calm.


But lurking just beyond those days of respite is 2008. And with it, the promise of greater intensity, increased competition, and a faster pace.

All too often the “Holiday Spirit” is a one-week pit stop on a 52-week speedway. As a result, peace, joy, renewal and gratitude are experienced only once a year.

Is it possible that by experiencing these qualities only when the conditions are right – once a year – that we’re forfeiting our life?


Every person reading this knows the circumstances in our life do not determine our attitude, our spirit. The magic lies in our response. This means that regardless of the intensity and pressures inherent in the days ahead, we can still choose to have any spirit we want.

What is your Holiday Spirit? And what would it be worth if you could feel it every day?

Take the “Holiday Spirit Challenge” and watch what happens to your control. Paste these questions strategically in your 2008 calendar – perhaps each month.

  1. How effectively am I determining my own spirit?
  2. What are some examples where I’ve remained bigger than the circumstances in life and determined my own spirit?
  3. What can I focus on that will assist me in feeling greater peace, joy, renewal and gratitude?
  4. What are the greatest rewards I receive by sustaining a year-round “Holiday Spirit”?

We’re not proposing you dress up like Santa in June. But consider the gift you’ll give yourself as 2008 reveals itself as the year you mastered your attitude.

And Happy Holi-year from The Tall Guys.

What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”?  You decide.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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