With the current economic crisis, and subsequent scramble in the marketplace, uncertainty reigns. Will you respond accordingly? What are you willing to do? What can you do?

With the seismic shifts in consumer buying patterns, one thing is clear: If you continue to do things the way you did them before, you’ll lose. The call to “change” has never been this strong.

Here’s the elephant in the office: Even with the logic that we must function differently, there are masses of people dragging their feet. They want to do the same work, the same way they did it before, and get paid the same amount for getting the job done. And, with their free time, they choose to discuss everything that’s not working, who’s to blame, and how bad things are.

This belligerent behavior borders insubordination. Not necessarily a defiance of senior leadership, but a noncompliance with personal integrity.

It’s time to show what we are made of.


One of our world-class facilitators, Steve Drury, shared that his grandpa was fond of saying, “If you’ll do the things others will not, you will achieve things they cannot.” Never has Steve’s grandpa been more correct.

Despite the stagnant market, there are ample opportunities out there. Some of these opportunities require you to do the things others will not.

However, consider that Steve’s grandpa wasn’t just talking about labor. In this time of difficulty the vast majority of people will move away from their optimism, their hope, and their belief that they can change outcomes.

If you are willing to step up today and tell others “I know we can do this,” and if you’re able to express your belief in and of others, you will certainly achieve things others cannot.

The reward is in there.

Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?



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