This business leader is using the Activator Decision with her teamWhen it comes to leadership, there are three types of interactions you have with the people around you. There are those interactions where you:

  1. Activate the potential in the person with whom you’re interacting
  2. Leave potential un-activated
  3. De-activate the potential that exists, resulting in worse outcomes than if no interaction had occurred at all.

There can be a trap in our thinking when we believe we must give more or do more to have a greater impact in the world around us. But this thinking limits us, because we have a finite amount of energy and wisdom. You can only give so much.

A simple way to make a greater impact is to stimulate and bring forth more from those with whom we are interacting. This isn’t a manipulative approach to getting others to do more so we can do less. It’s a focus stemming from a belief that together we can be more.

Activating potential in others means that we start with an understanding that every person possesses a greatness unique to them. And when we inspire that forward, we realize outcomes often were unimaginable at the start.

And of course, making this decision to activate the potential in others is the only way we realize our own potential.

What will happen in your next interaction with a team member?

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Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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