Halloween will soon be celebrated in the U.S.  Is your organization haunted by evil, market-losing elements?  Use this glossary of terms to determine if your company is the perfect place to host a halloween party:
Goblin – The expert saboteur of people, projects and progress.

Witch – Rhymes with…

Warlock – Male version of a witch.

Werewolf – the person who agrees with everything you say, then transforms and bites you in the back.

Witches brew – The gossip and destructive conversations taking place in the parking lot.

Frankenstein – The (misunderstood) monster with good intentions.

Black cat – The omen creeping into meetings that has everyone focused on “all the reasons we won’t succeed.”

Carved Pumpkins – The good ideas getting sacrificed for the sake of company rituals or history.

Dracula – The person sucking the life out of meetings.

Bats – Harmless “issues” that flutter about the office, scaring and distracting everyone.

Costume – What people say and wear when they don’t want to speak the truth in meetings.

Candy – Cheap, meaningless praise meant to win people’s dedication and loyalty.

Zombies – The destructive stories that never seem to die as people insist on repeating them.

Ghosts – Outdated legacy attitudes, approaches and behaviors that people refuse to move beyond.

Thankfully, Halloween (and thus, this destructive glossary) happens only once a year. Is today the day your team turns the page of the calendar, and accelerates the building of a culture that is home to more productive elements?



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