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I’m not Japanese, nor have I studied the Japanese culture. We do work with companies in Japan and have friends there, and are following events surrounding the tsunami with great concern. One particular detail has caught our attention – and held it.


Amidst this beyond-imaginable catastrophe something about the Japanese is being revealed to the rest of the world: Quiet and determined resolve.


Have you noticed in the countless videos – those images of “that-doesn’t-even-seem-possible” destruction – that while there is sadness and grief, there is not pandemonium. There isn’t rioting. Or mass hysteria. And, an NBC reporter shared that there is virtually no looting.


Entire cities are gone. Families have been lost. And yet what isn’t gone is dignity. Maybe someone can educate me about the Japanese culture, but I just get this sense that after the grieving period that is so necessary, behind this grief is dignity and resolve.


And who will benefit from this resolve? You and me. Civic planners around the world will learn more about how to diminish the destruction of future tsunamis. Scientist will advance the technologies to making nuclear power safer under threat of such conditions. And, as simple as it seems, perhaps the greatest gift we receive is the blessing of knowing our family is safe tonight.


It would be the mark of a foolish person who doesn’t already know the Japanese will come back from this and be stronger than ever. Dignity, compassion and respect for their fellow man, and the resolve to build again: We wish we were there to help you, our Japanese friends. Our hearts are with you. And we bow to you with tremendous respect for how you are able to live and lead during this time.

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