Imagine you’re one of the greatest golfers in the world. In fact, you’re so good you only need to win the next golf tournament to be 1 of 6 golfers in the history of the game to win all the major championships.

And then you shock the world: You tell people you’re not going to play. Instead, you’ll attend your daughter’s high school graduation.How Champions Play At Life

You can stop imagining, because this is exactly what Phil Mickelson announced to the world: He won’t be playing in the U.S. Open that begins next week. “As I look back on life, this is a moment I’ll always cherish and be glad I was present,” Phil said.

On the fairway of a career, Phil, at age 47, has far less grass in front of him than he does behind him. His legs and swing are giving way to age. Few would fault him if he chose to skip his daughter’s major day to win the only major title he’s yet to win. But that’s not how champions at life play.

It takes guts to live with heart. It takes courage to live your values. (That’s why they call them values.) If you’re going to do big things, the things that really matter, it requires mobilizing the best of you.

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Activate Your Greatness.

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