Relationships are easy when others say and do what pleases us. We find out who we really are, however, when others veer from what we believe is right.

We also find out how badly we wish the relationship to last. Do we want the partnership or friendship (the marriage or sibling connection) to continue enough

  • To apologize without gaining an apology in return?
  • To value them even though they can’t seem to appreciate us?
  • To listen to their long list of excuses and not offer any of our own?

Or are our relationships conditional upon others being versions of what we expect them to be?

Relationships – the ones that matter the most – provide the opportunity to pull the curtain back and reveal who we always knew we could be.

On this stage, however: No one is watching – but you. And that can be enough.

P.S. Sage advice from a friend named Dan: “Sometimes moving forward requires deciding what you’re going to leave behind.”

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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