Stop watch“I have a lot of time for that guy.”


It’s a common phrase, expressed when someone respects another. Which, of course, reveals a deeper – and potentially more troubling – issue: Aren’t we supposed to respect everyone?


Some might argue: No. You’re not supposed to respect everyone. Respect has to be earned. And that makes sense at one level. If I don’t respect you, I don’t have time for you.


That’s all fine, of course, unless those leaders want to go to the next stage of excellence: If they’re a leader or a teammate who’s committed to the success of the team, they don’t get to choose who they respect.


Too many teams stall, divided by camps of who respects who. Breaking the barriers of higher excellence require us to respect even those whom we’re inclined to avoid. Sidestep those we don’t respect, and we avoid our breakthrough.


Who do you have more time for today? Go lead with excellence.



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Activate Your Greatness.

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