The system wants you to believe that to succeed:

  • You no longer have time to connect with others
  • You should care less
  • You need to win while others lose
  • You are destined to feel despondent in the process.

The system is built on transactions. This creates the false belief that you must be transactional.

You are not here to stack days of meaningless exchanges.

Buck the system. Succeed differently. Be transformational by knowing:

  • Humanly connecting with others does not take more time (you can sense affinity)
  • Caring more enables you to BE more
  • Serving others means everyone wins
  • Your focus determines your fulfillment.

The system does not care about you. (It does not even know you exist.) The system merely wants a number.

The irony: You deliver a bigger number when you humanly connect, care more, serve others and focus.

Beat the system by creating your own.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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