“Was I successful?” used to be the popular question to assess a year. Did I achieve what I wanted to? Were the goals met that I set at the beginning of the year?

There’s a different question however, that is being asked with greater frequency: Was it worth it?

Was the time spent away from loved ones, the weight gained sitting in front of a computer, the insanely long days speaking with global teammates (whom you’ve never met), the herculean effort to do a job that is more complex than it needs to be…was it all worth the outcome?

The question of “Was it worth it?” is deceiving, however. It implies there is a binary answer: yes or no. Which creates a trap: As an achiever, dedicated to being positive and in control, you are compelled to answer yes while your energetic answer may be no.

This is when it is important to remember that beyond “Was I successful?” and “Was it worth it?” lies a more significant question: In what ways was 2021 meaningful?

Focusing on that which is profound silences the noise of self-judgement and criticism. Empowerment returns as a life-by-chance fades.

2021 happened. The consequences for how you choose to evaluate the year have profound consequences. Choose wisely: You are priming your heart and mind for 2022.

Amor fati.

P.S. In 2021 you almost certainly had a greater impact on others and made a more significant contribution than you realize. Celebrate you. We are.



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