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Take a quick survey: How many people on your team would agree they’re a better person because they’re working with you? On your team?


Dan’s a leader who knows the answer is a differentiator for his organization. He develops the capability of team members around him by building their capability as humans. Says one of his direct reports, “I grow personally because of the investment Dan makes in me. And that not only impacts the results I deliver, but affects my family, my entire life.”


Is your team investing in each other – or simply using each other to get their own job done?

“This person (above) is someone we speak highly of as a future leader. But she is also a wife, a mother and she feels those stresses. Our culture work gives her the tools so she can be an even greater employee – and help her excel in her life. This is an employee that we have identified as ‘high potential.’ But that is so one dimensional. Now, she is: High potential to stay with the company. High potential to help others be great. High potential at being an even better mother…”


Dan’s list of high potential qualities – and his leaders – now grows longer, because he just got promoted.

Radical idea: What if everyone is ‘high potential’? (Heck, we hired them, didn’t we?)


Break the one-dimension-disorder by trying this: Gather a small band of leaders around you and agree that for the rest of the week you’ll be as invested in each other’s success as a person as you are to your own success. And watch what happens to performance.


Go ahead. Make someone’s life – and see what they do for your day.


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Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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