It’s not right.


‘Tis the season, as they say. And now, because of another unthinkable act of destruction, there’s conflict: A season of joy pierced by pain. A time of celebration stands in the shadow of tremendous loss.


How do we navigate forward? Especially given this once-a-year-moment with the family?


We can be our authentic self. We can lead those we love…by leading ourselves first. Here are 5 steps to ensure the potential of this holiday season is realized:


1)      What am I feeling right now?

2)      Is that feeling okay?

3)      Are the events and people in this world going to be the way they are whether I like it or not?

4)      How will I be authentic to my emotions?

5)      How will I express myself in a way that creates the experience I choose?


Try as we may, it’s not the calendar that determines our emotions, our experience. It’s our focus. And it’s in the course of being our authentic selves that we discover greater gifts.


Our entire team at Verus Global thanks you for being the best you possible. The world needs you more than ever.


And things will be alright.




One of our amazing client-partners, Mental Health Center of Denver, has created a list of resources for coping with violence and trauma. Please visit their site if you’re seeking additional resources for you and your family:


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