It’s a fundamental question to answer every day: Am I going to be bigger than the circumstances in my life? Or will I succumb to my environment, the attitudes of those around me, the marginal results of yesterday, the actions of leaders I’ve never had lunch with, (or the poor weather)?


Who will determine your actions and experience today? Responsibility begins with acting on the logic in your answer.


The brilliant people who inspire us are those who know that the quality of our days begins with a choice. What’s more, these people understand that living a life of personal accountability is a skill. It’s a capability that can be strengthened in every interaction of every day. Effective leaders prize this skill development in their team as much as any other capability.


“There’s a lot of friction here,” a manager told me. “There are a lot of unknowns. It’s not a lot of fun to be here right now. But I decided to be different. I decided to use that friction to make me – and us – better.”


There’s a difference between people who require others (i.e. their environment) to motivate them to action – and those who have the technique to accelerate their own greatness, whenever and wherever they choose. The difference is as clear as knowing who won’t experience excellence – and who will.


Help your team act on this logic and wisdom today by asking:

1)      What paradigm can we change…so the toughest situations become the seeds of our excellence?

2)      What focus will we hold so momentum is generated?

3)      What questions can we ask that will activate our greater potential?


How will you play big today?



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Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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