Sometimes, we have to pass along one of the hundreds of stories we’e received from people who are using the Pathways to Leadership tools ( to create greater results. Here’s a powerful one from Steve S that may affect how you interact with people today:

A global positioning system (GPS) can tell you where you are and can provide specific directions on how to get to your destination. The tool chooses the best and fastest route.

What is interesting is how it handles my deviations from its preferred route. Once, as I got close to home I chose my own route by going straight – even though the GPS instructed me to turn.”

“Each time I disobeyed it stated, ‘Recalculating,’ and immediately gave me a revised route to the destination, based upon where I was. Time after time, deviation after deviation, its only feedback was new directions to my original goal.

What struck me was that it didn’t say, ‘I told you to turn left.’  It didn’t blame me by saying, ‘Because of your deviation you just added 1.2 miles to our trip!’ It didn’t threaten by uttering, ‘Well great, now we’re lost. If you’re not going to listen then I’m done trying to help.’

I have reflected on this when supporting my kids and colleagues. When I’m not flexing my Awareness Muscle (from the book, Stomp the Elephant in the Office, Pg 129. ), I want to say ‘I told you that would happen,’ or ‘If you had listened to me this would not be the result’.

I think the GPS’s approach is best. Forget the past – and focus on where and how you can best support. We are all on different journeys to desired destinations and with great frequency we take detours. Stay focused on what’s necessary to move forward, recalculate, and continue to move towards your goal!”

Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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