You can learn a lot at a youth sports games.


“I was at my son’s soccer game,” says a friend, “watching the teams battle it out. And my older son made this comment about his younger brother: ‘If he knew how good he was, he’d be so much better.’”


It’s an important reminder: We can only be who we perceive ourselves to be.


Which begs the question: What’s your team’s perception of itself?


Many teams are bombarded with messages that, if not decoded, can communicate “You’re behind…you’re not capable…you’re dysfunctional.” When received and perceived in degrees of weakness (we don’t have any strengths in the areas we need to advance), such a mindset and focus slows momentum and cripples performance.


If we knew how good we really are, we’d be a lot better.


Help your team sharpen the perception they have of themselves by asking questions that develop Degrees of Strength and momentum:

1)      What evidence exists that we are capable of delivering on our objectives?

2)      Where are we showing increased proficiency that will serve us moving forward?

3)      As we build more momentum, how good can we be as a team?

4)      What difference will it make as we realize our potential?

5)      What can we do more of, or better, in our interactions to deliver on our vision of greatness?

6)      Add your own question and share it with us below.


It has been said, ‘We are who we think we are.’ If we’re serious about delivering greatness, relentlessly focusing on the strengths that are present within us may be the most important skill we can master.


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