Guest Post from Certified Facilitator, Natalie Sayer

I recently had the opportunity to see the following post on Facebook from one of my friends:


Boss:  There is a time to talk and a time to work.  I pay you to work.
Employee:  And the time to get to know our customers, when is that?
Boss: After work.
Employee:  Really?!?  What happened to customer service?


How long do you think this conversation took?  Less than 90 seconds?
Do you think the intention of this boss was to create a disengaged employee?
How long do you think it will take to re-engage this employee?
What do you think the effect on customer service will be?
How many of the Facebook friends of this person do you think will want to patronize this business?


Look at what potential we have to lead and create amazing possibilities with every interaction in every day!!  Now with so many instantaneous social networks, yesterday’s 90 seconds is like today’s .9 seconds and the power of our interactions extend beyond two people involved in a live conversation.  As leaders, everything is moving super fast, emphasizing how aware me must be in every moment and the power of our words, not to mention the words behind our words. People are listening and watching, even if we don’t realize it. How might we as leaders increase our awareness of how we are showing up to our employees, our customers and our families?


In 90 seconds we can change lives…how can we ensure that we are changing things for the better?


Lead True. Inspire Greatness. Bring Wellness Out to the World.



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