Look around you: How many colleagues are functioning as if it’s “just another day”?


Effective leadership includes the skill of inspiring people to an action they didn’t realize they were capable of. When this is accomplished,


– This seemingly same-old day becomes the moment we’ve been waiting for.
– This is the team you once dreamed you’d experience greatness with.
– The project you’re slogging through becomes the one that defines your career.


There are many who glide. They wait for “moments of greatness” to appear, so they can leap, lead, and be heroes. But such moments rarely happen with a boss tapping at our door and whispering, “Here’s your chance.


There’s only one way to arrive at the end of your career and look back and say, “That was the moment.” And that’s to make this the moment.


There’s no more waiting. There’s only the inspired you. Again. And again.


Why will you be inspired this week?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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