teams, heart Every team has big plans to make this the best year ever. But those teams that do big things will do so only when they function with heart. (We fool ourselves if we think uninspiring interactions among us will do the trick.)
A team can only have heart if the members of that team have their hearts in the work they do. Is your heart in it? 7 ways to know:
1. We model the emotional courage necessary to do the difficult tasks.

2. We are accountable to our team’s plan even when we’re in meetings with other functions.

3. We possess a will to be transparent with information.

4. We are non-judgmental when others share what we don’t want to hear.

5. We have a confidence to make decisions that advance us forward.

6. We may not like every team member – but we care about them.

7. We model this truth: everyone matters.
There are teams (and frankly, a lot of them) at the starting line next to you who will attempt to run the race of ’17 without heart. But such feats are impossible. They won’t have the energy to go the distance.
Show the world that your team’s heart is in this matter. Then do big things.

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