Hello - I am... "a genius" nametag

This type of person stifles potential: They use their business experience like a badge on the sleeve. You’ve been in meetings with them: They tell stories for the purpose of positioning or glorifying themselves.


These tell-tale clues reveal their motivation for telling stories:

– They use the pronoun “I” rather than “we.”
– They are the hero in the story.
– They are the source of the wisdom (rather than the conduit).


(I recognize these because I’ve used them and learned painful lessons.)


When these people tell stories the plot (what is their motivation?) distracts from the purpose. Consequently, their experience isn’t worth much.


Alternatively, there are those – who may not have as much experience as the badge-on-the-sleeve folks – yet are more effective. The reason is rather than using their experience as a badge, they use it as a tool. Here are the tell-tale traits:

– They are super selective on their timing for sharing.
– The benefit for telling the story is explicit. (And it’s related to the challenge the team is facing.)
– The story creates an inspired response from others.


Your company is paying big bucks for the experience on your team. This week, ask: How do we leverage the experience we have even more?


We’re leading a movement of inspired leaders and we’d like to invite you to share what resonates for you in the space below.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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