(Spoiler Alert: If you believe in the Easter Bunny, it’s best to stop reading here.)


So, did you hide the Easter baskets and eggs this past weekend? (We Americans love to commercialize even the most sacred events, don’t we?) As my children ran around the house with over-flowing baskets, it occurred to me: These were the same baskets we used last year. And, wasn’t that stuffed rabbit the same one my daughter asked for at the store?


Interesting: Despite the obvious clues that there is no such thing as an Easter Bunny, my daughters believed the hare had magically blessed them with the answers to the Easter-eve prayers.


It begs the question: What is your team faking?


What’s the greatest hoax being played out inside the walls of business? Choose one:

1)      “We have to work longer to get ahead.”

2)      “I’ll never achieve work-life balance.”

3)      “No matter what we deliver this year, we’ll have to do more next year. (I’m exhausted.)”


The boss who habitually focuses on where the team is failing is a manager dealing in fraud: They instill in their teams the belief that “we’re not good enough.” (The greatest hoax of all-time.)


Sadly, as a friend reminded me, “You can never out-perform your self-image.” Enough is enough. It’s time to step up and say, “Wait a minute. We’re better than this.”


I once asked my mother how I could be a better husband, father, son, and business leader. After thinking about it she responded, “Become even better at being yourself.”


No more costumes. No more fake bunny ears. No more faking it. Just a focus on getting even better at being yourself. Let’s do that today…and see where we can go.


(Today, ask your team, “What’s our self image? And how do we improve it?”)




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