You may have noticed: Volatility, uncertainty, complexity – the dynamics with which we finished 2021 have not changed as we step into 2022. Is your team ready for the craziness?

You can count on this: The leaders of those companies with whom you compete reported that their teams “barely had the energy to finish 2021.” Yet, those same leaders will have made no adjustments to ensure their team becomes stronger as they work into 2022.

It has never been easier to differentiate yourself as a collaborative leader.

How you prepare a team for a new year looks different now. It is no longer sufficient to evaluate a team and say, “We trust each other enough to succeed.” Or, “I hope we are resilient enough to make it through whatever comes our way.”

The problem: You are only good enough until you aren’t:

  • Volatility amplifies weaknesses within a team.
  • Pressures to hit higher numbers reveal the cracks in alignment among team members.
  • Distances between teammates grow into chasms when the customer changes their mind.

Being prepared to overcome unprecedented disorder requires working a process to continuously improve the team dynamics required for success.

To how many of these statements can you agree?

We are working a plan to:

  • strengthen the mental and emotional well-being of team members this year.
  • develop our ability to collaborate regardless of whether we work virtually or in-person.
  • consistently build stronger bonds of trust among stakeholders.

The leader whose team is working a plan to continuously improve the strength of the team is ready.

What is your plan?

P.S. You may work for someone who has good intentions but no plan to succeed. If this is the case, lead from the position you are in. Make your own plan that includes others – and work it.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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