My daughter just began her first year of teaching. A mentor shared with her: “We can have the perfect lesson plan and love our students. But the most important thing to do is believe each child can succeed.

They will know if we do or don’t. And when they sense we believe in them, they then believe in themselves.”

This approach is no different for the collaborative leader – and more important than ever.

It is August: The pivotal month where it is too early to talk about the end of the year – yet the moment in time when your team still has its greatest influence on how the year ends.

It is getting late early. In a complex world, with macroeconomic headwinds and disruptions causing teams to create multiple contingencies, the stakes are high. If your team delivers on targets this year, it will be noted by those in authority.

With four months to go, does your team believe they have the plan to win?

As important: Do you believe in the members of your team? (And do they know you believe in them?)

When 2022 is over there will be things you wish you had done differently. Believing in others will not be one of them.

(Hat Tip: FR)



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