Photo Credit: Matticushand via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Matticushand via Compfight cc

Things kids think are free:
– Electricity . . . otherwise they wouldn’t leave every bloody light in the house on.
– Breakfast cereal . . . why else would they leave so much in their bowl as it’s placed in the sink?
– Heating the house . . . close the door please.


Things professionals think are free:
– Time spent in meetings . . . otherwise there’d be fewer meetings and less people invited.
– The effort in repeatedly telling people what to do . . . instead of asking questions that drive greater discovery, and thus ownership and accountability in others.
– The resources spent making decisions that don’t include customer input . . . instead of creating partnerships from the start.


This is not to imply that professionals are like kids, nor is there a claim that all employees suffer from the “it’s free syndrome.” Such thinking, however, is prevalent enough to warrant reflection.


Nothing’s free. Human behaviors, left undisciplined, cost.


Where are you spending resources (your energy) that could be better invested elsewhere?

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