Leadership Advisement

Combining the best practices of leadership coaching with practical advisement on real-time situations, leaders are equipped with a multi-faceted approach for strategically bringing their leadership best to all situations.


The Verus Global approach to coaching is focused on partnering and advising leaders around how to navigate a variety of situations, while providing them with a practical approach and tools that enable a transfer of knowledge and expertise that can directly elevate their everyday interactions. Verus Global takes a situational-based approach to coaching that leverages five facets of activation (Direct, Teach, Facilitate, Consult, Coach). These facets enable the leader to experience, embody and immediately apply their learnings to a variety of situations. Leaders who learn to employ this methodology and authentically deploy it on a routine basis are better able to improve their performance and the performance of their organization.


The Verus Global Coach And Advisor Will:

  • Analyze feedback provided by the participant on self-identified areas of opportunity
  • Utilize situations presented by the participant to coach them in strategic use of the facets to influence behavior change
  • Challenge belief systems that create roadblocks in growth
  • Partner to develop measurable outcomes in personal leadership focused development

“I’m in the business of saving lives, yet the way I was treating others in the process of delivering on my objective was diminishing the lives of others. Truly, the biggest thing for me now is I really want the people around me to win. It’s not about me.”

Global Fortune 100 Leader

Program Overview


•For one leader, we offer 10 coaching sessions at 60 minutes each (10 minutes prep for Coach; 50-minute call)
•For multiple leaders, we offer a bank of 60-minute coaching sessions (ex. 40 sessions) that can be distributed amongst a team (minimum of 4 sessions per person)
•Weekly or bi-weekly calls; on-demand coaching available as well


•Greater awareness of self and ability to bring your best to any situation
•Ability to communicate with clarity your vision and provide clear direction
•Successfully engage and empower team members
•Accelerate trust and affinity